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1789 Stoystown Road | Friedens, PA, 15541

1789 Stoystown Road

Friedens, PA, 15541

High-Quality Landscaping Products
in Somerset County

Olde Earth Products Provides Quality Materials for Outdoor Projects

Find landscaping products for Somerset and surrounding counties at Olde Earth Products in Friedens, PA. We offer various styles, sizes, and colors, including Pavestone and Baur keystone retaining wall systems and bulk cold blacktop. We provide quality products for our clients because they deserve the best. Call (814) 445-8825 to learn more.

We Are Proud to Offer the Following Products to Our Valued Customers

Bulk & Bagged Salt

Decorative Stone


Geotextile Fabric

Hard Coal


Mushroom Compost

Natural Stone / Flagstone

Retaining Wall Systems

Soft Coal


Wood Pellets

We Provide Coal Products to Clients in Somerset and Surrounding Counties

Olde Earth Products offers coal to our customers in Somerset and surrounding counties. Our knowledgeable staff members understand the importance of having the proper heating material for homes. We take great pride in providing coal products for our clients when they need it. Give us a call today to see what coal products you need.

Our Fertilizer Products Make Lawns Lush and Green Again

Fertilizer is the key to your lawn’s overall health. As time passes, soil loses nutrients that need replacing. At Olde Earth Products, our fertilizer can improve the soil quality by replacing these nutrients. Doing so will make your lawn healthy once again. Reach out to us today to learn more about our fertilizer.

Why Choose Pavestone and Baur Retaining Wall Systems?

Retaining walls serve many essential functions. In particular, Pavestone and Baur retaining walls keep soil in place and prevent erosion. They can also curb flooding and stop property damage. Retaining walls can also keep dirt piles out of site and look great in any landscaping plan. Call Olde Earth Products today for more information about retaining walls.

Contact Olde Earth Products today when you need high-quality landscaping products in Somerset and surrounding counties.